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Learn to use debate to solve problems, promote change, and give everyone a voice.

Think about the last argument you had. Chances are you were trying to solve a problem but wound up getting stuck in the muck of your differing ideas. Perhaps you were in a counterproductive meeting at work or caught in a heated exchange with a family member. These “debates” are a part of our daily lives. But can we make them productive? There is a way. At The Debate Spot, we offer business professionals, educators, and everyone in between the tools to fundamentally change how we make decisions together through the use of constructive debate.

Authors Lisa Roth, Dr. Tim West, and Yanelly Villegas have developed the Constructive Debate Model (CDM), a communication tool for sharing innovative ideas, thinking critically, promoting collaborative change, and working together for consensus. By combining our expertise in finance, communication, and argumentation with decades of experience in higher education and the private sector, we have crafted a unique yet practical process for guiding businesses, classrooms, and individuals toward better problem resolution. Find your voice at The Debate Spot, and look for our book, More Light, Less Heat, coming soon!

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