About More Light, Less Heat

Constructive debate is the fix. Most business meetings fail for three reasons: (1) the meeting lacks a properly defined problem, (2) the groups’ ideas are limited because of groupthink, and (3) devil’s advocates lack a voice in the discussion. More Light, Less Heat offers a constructive debate model that improves decision making, encourages alternative points of view, and facilitates collaborative change. We clearly distinguish between debating and merely fighting – debate focuses on problem solving, while fighting is two people arguing without seeking resolution.

The More Light, Less Heat model provides readers with an efficient way to use constructive debate as a communication tool to create an open problem-solving environment, share and explore innovative ideas, evaluate decision options and barriers, and embrace change. Our process encourages the Devil’s Advocate in everyone as a way to explore what could be instead of stubbornly adhering to the status quo. Constructive debate encourages creative thinking and innovation. It also provides readers with a process that improves critical thinking, encourages consensus building, and results in better decision making.

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