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The Debate Spot Team is Here to Help You Argue

With decades of experience in the private sector and higher education, The Debate Spot team—Tim, Lisa, and Yanelly—are excited to guide you in learning constructive debate. We’ve experienced the hardships and joy in helping individuals achieve their goals in the classroom and in their professional careers. We’ve seen firsthand how constructive debate has fostered powerful skills like critical thinking and collaborative problem solving, while helping students, friends, and coworkers find their voices and embrace change. The impact we have witnessed has fueled our investment in our Constructive Debate Model (CDM) and those with the desire to use it.

We offer a range specialized services, from custom curriculum design to academic or corporate training, tailored to your unique needs. Designed for business professionals at all levels of management, educators, and anyone who has experienced the frustration of arguing, these services from The Debate Spot team will help you and your audience use the CDM to become problem solvers and change makers.

What We Do


Corporate Training

If your position requires organizational change/assessment, consensus building, or problem specification and resolution, our corporate training is designed for you. This training provides individualized implementation of the CDM, completely customized to your organization’s needs. Highlights include: guided identification of problems affecting your organization and solution creation and assessment.


Academic Training

Our academic training is intended for educators, from high school to college, who wish to develop students’ critical thinking skills, frame content in a unique and engaging manner, and increase classroom discussion. Implementing constructive debate in the classroom can be challenging, and our training helps you identify and break those barriers. Highlights include: personalized curriculum design (e.g. personalized units, activities/exercises, and assessment tools,) curriculum feedback and revision, and online “coaching” sessions.



Suitable for small or large groups, our presentations on constructive debate can be tailored to address issues unique to your organization and employees or faculty. Through a succinct and relevant message for your audience, we deliver the key components to understanding the CDM, identifying current misconceptions about debate, barriers to effective decision making, and ways to overcome those challenges.



The Debate Spot team—the three developers of the CDM and authors of More Light, Less Heat—are available for interviews regarding the content on this site and in shared previews of the coming book. We speak for a living and are happy to share commentary on or analysis of contemporary issues through our debate model framework, as well as author background and information on the development of our works.



Our workshops provide a more hands-on experience for groups and organizations of any kind looking to learn constructive debate skills. Learn how to fix ineffective meetings through CDM exercises and activities with on-the-spot guidance. Our workshops can be tailored to address issues unique to attendees.


Online Training—Coming Soon!

For those looking to learn the power of constructive debate in their personal and professional lives without leaving the comfort of their home, The Debate Spot will eventually offer a comprehensive online training program, to complete at your own pace, as well as à la carte exercises and tools for practicing the CDM. Join our mailing list to be notified when this service becomes available.

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